Plan a safe start to your summer

This week we celebrate the official start to summer, that being the May long weekend. While some lakes might still have ice on them, it is still great to leave the hectic schedule at home for a little less busy ‘lake life.’ As you open the cottage maybe for the first time this weekend, here are a few reminders.

•   Before building a fire in the fireplace, grab a flashlight and have a look up the chimney to make sure it is clear of any debris or leave a critter who might have built their nest.
•   Opening the storage shed for the first time, give it a chance to air out to before you venture in. Again, rodents might have built their home leaving feces behind that if it’s from a deer mouse, they might contain hantavirus.
•   If you are trimming back some trees, wear the gear such as gloves, safety glasses, proper footwear, and long pants. Earing protection and possibly even a hard hat when using a chain saw should be essential.
•   Dropping the boat into the water, make sure everyone who operates the craft has their pleasure craft operator’s card. The essentials i.e., paddles, tow rope, sound device, might vary from size of craft to size of craft. Know what you need for craft size.
•   Often the pontoon boats size is deceiving that we won’t tip thus why bother with life jackets. A properly fitted life jacket or personal floatation device must be always worn by every person. It’s a little late to try and find it when you are bobbing in the lake amongst the debris.
•   Building an outdoor fire is part of the lake life ritual but do so safely. Obey all local regulations or fire bans, if applicable. A good idea to have a pail of water and shovel near by just in case.

Please don’t be that guy or that gal who spends a great day at the lake or rushing to the lake from the city, while impaired. Save the booze for the deck not for the vehicle. Impairment can be with alcohol or other substances. Everyone is always so worried about being caught by the police. Most don’t think about the innocent lives of others when you are in a collision. Please don’t drink and drive or operate watercraft while impaired. The penalties are the same.

May 22-28 is Paramedic Services Week – Rising to the Challenge shows the incredible resilience of our teams. During the pandemic, our teams adapted and overcame many challenges to deliver the top-notch quality care. Paramedic has changed during the pandemic and will continue to evolve with new treatments, new or updated equipment and of course the important people, that make our team so successful. Our hard working, caring, empathetic, dedicated, and fun professionals do their very best each day for you. Follow our social media challenges, to learn more about being a paramedic, the educational requirements, career opportunities and professional requirements. When we rise to the challenge, our paramedic teams, are there for you! Happy Paramedic Services Week!