Performing Arts Warehouse excited to return as TeleMiracle performers

Performing Arts Warehouse Photo Performing Arts Warehouse is among the performers at Kinsmen TeleMiracle from Feb. 25 to 26.

Performing Arts Warehouse in Prince Albert is returning to perform at TeleMiracle 47 and the dance studio is excited to best their fundraising total at next year’s event.

Jenna Trawin, one of the co-owners of Performing Arts Warehouse and choreographer of the piece they will perform, said the dance group is thrilled about the opportunity.

“They are pretty excited,” she said. “Any chance that they have to perform, they will take it. This group of dancers performed last year as well so they kind of know what to expect and have already been busy fundraising.”

The group has already raised $4,800 thanks to a Christmas Cheer Basket raffle. Trawin said the group worked hard to sell tickets, and appreciated the strong support from the community.

The group will pre-record their performance for TeleMiralce, just as they did last year. They have already chosen their piece and set up a time. Now, the group of 12 dancers just has to focus on the performance.

“It’s a piece we performed last year at competition called Right Side and it’s a contemporary dance,” Trawin explained.

TeleMiracle announced on Dec. 1 that 81 performers from across Saskatchewan have been chosen to appear on TeleMiracle 47, which takes place on Feb. 25 and 26, 2023. These acts were chosen through an audition process and will be featured throughout the 20-hour telethon, including the “Countdown to TeleMiracle” pre-show, the Main Show, and the Overnight segment.

The Performing Arts Warehouse will be appearing on the Main Show. Trawin is happy to see her dancers get exposure.

“I just think any publicity is good publicity and these dancers work really hard and now they are working really hard to raise more money than they did last year. Last year they raised just over $5,000 and this year they are on track to do even more so we are just really excited about that,” Trawin said.

TeleMiracle 47, in support of the Kinsmen Foundation, will be broadcast live from Prairieland Park in Saskatoon. The entire 20-hour telethon can be seen on the CTV Saskatchewan network, starting at 9:00 pm on Saturday, Feb. 25, and concluding at 5:00 pm on Sunday, Feb. 26. The entire show will also be live-streamed at  beginning with “Countdown to TeleMiracle” on February 25 at 6:15 pm.

Other artists and performers from the area on the Main Show include Paul Lomheim from Prince Albert and the Birch Hills Dance Centre.