PAGC Moose Lodge honors life of James “Moose” Sewap on second anniversary of his passing

The Moose Lodge Wellness Centre held a lunch in memory of James Sewap on June 9, 2023, the second anniversary of his death. -- Bailey Sutherland/Daily Herald

In memory of its namesake, the Prince Albert Grand Council Moose Lodge held its annual memorial lunch on June 9 to honor James “Moose” Sewap on the second anniversary of his death.

On the riverbank of the North Saskatchewan River Friday afternoon, Moose Lodge staff and volunteers passed out plates of food to vulnerable community members gathered near the bench where Sewap was discovered following his passing in 2021.

“Today is June ninth and we are gathering in kindness to bring together our community, our relatives that are street bound to honor James “Moose” Sewap,” said PAGC Urban Services Coordinator Natalie Clyke. “We’ve been honoring his passing through daily food security for our homeless [and] vulnerable on a daily basis.”

Clyke said it’s important that the community comes together on June ninth to reflect on what the PAGC Moose Lodge has accomplished to improve the situation for the City’s homeless population over the past year.

In 2022, the Moose Lodge expanded its services to include operating the Moose Caboose in the winter months, allowing more community members that were unable to be housed in the overnight shelters access to a warm space and something to eat.

Now that the warmer weather is here to stay, the Moose Lodge is moving into its summer programming and evolving into a cooling space.

“We’re going to be able to operate our caboose in the vulnerable areas of Prince Albert where our relatives may lodge and provide them with access to food security, while being able to provide them with a covered space to cool off,” said Clyke.

Clyke said everything the Moose Lodge does for Prince Albert’s unhoused community is owed to its Lodge Keepers.

“The Lodge Keepers really hold the fibers of the Lodge together,” said Clyke. “The Lodge would not be able to thrive on a daily basis if it wasn’t for the fact that day in and day out, the Lodge Keepers show up and care compassionately.”