PA Ski League hosts second annual skills festival

Prince Albert Ski League Facebook photo. Members of the Prince Albert Ski League pose for a photo during their second annual skills festival on Saturday, Feb. 10.

It was a busy day at Little Red River Park as the Prince Albert Ski League hosted their second annual skills festival.

“This is our home, this is our training ground.” Club president Hounjet said about the event being held at Little Red. “We do lessons during the week and then we do the skills festival.”

The day consisted of five stations where skiers of all age levels participated in various drills. Some of the highlights include a station where skiers would race downhill and have their speed tracked by a radar gun, racing through sets of brushes and moguls.

Participants were even treated to lunch and warm hot chocolate at designated break stations.

With Prince Albert receiving a light snowfall in the days leading up to the event, Hounjet gives a lot of credit to the club’s hill manager Nathan Stregger for the excellent conditions on the hill

“Any fresh powder is good, but Nathan here at the hill is just so good. He’s been, he moved some features around for us today. He was making snow. We were actually the first hill open out of all of our freestyle clubs. Nathan got us open the very first, so we got bragging rights on that this year with the weather that we’ve been having, that Nathan was able to open for us, and we were able to have lessons at the beginning.”

The Prince Albert Ski League is planning on hosting a competition sometime in March.