PA Nordic Ski Club thrilled with loppet numbers

Lucas Punkari/Daily Herald Competitors set out from the starting line at the Cosmo Lodge for the 2020 Prince Albert Nordic Ski Club’s classic loppet event on Sunday morning at Little Red River Park.

In the past few years, several skiers have shown up to the Cosmo Lodge on the morning of the Prince Albert Nordic Ski Club’s classic loppet event to take to the trails in Little Red River Park.

The same thing happened on Sunday, only this time the numbers increased dramatically.

“We had about 60 to 70 skiers who came in that morning wanting to take part,” said Bill Jeffrey, who was one of the organizers of the event. “That made things a little hairy in the registration department, but the more people the better.

“Our final numbers came out to 213 registered skiers, which we think might be a record for the loppet.”

In addition to the huge number of participants that came out to ski on 1.2, five, 10, 20 and 35 kilometre trails, the organizers were also pleased to see that Mother Nature helped them out with some fresh snow.

“We had redone the trails the night before, but it was great to have some extra to make the ski nicer for everyone,” Jeffrey said.

“The whole day was awesome. The weather was perfect, everyone was in such a good mood and the trails were excellent shape. It couldn’t have gone better.”

The next major events for the club will be learn to ski sessions from Feb. 17-21 that will be held in conjunction with the Prince Albert Winter Festival and the Bear Cat Hills Memorial Ski on Sunday, March 15. 

Full results from the loppet can be found on