PA man dissatisfied with the council meeting submission process

A Prince Albert resident has expressed his frustrations with the City Council Meeting review process. 

Brian Clavier has said he is dissatisfied with how the City of Prince Albert requires residents to notify the City Clerk’s office the week before a Council Meeting if they wish to speak, but the reports and agenda are not made public until Thursday. 

“My concerns are the same as they were 23 years ago. The city has no interest in actually talking to the public,” says Clavier. 

Clavier had emailed the Acting City Clerk, Terri Mercier, with questions regarding the council meeting review process, where he was sent to the City of Prince Albert’s Finance Department. He asked who could answer his questions and he was sent back to the City Clerk’s office. 

“That’s when I found out they don’t have anything that they can give me. There is nothing available on the website,” he said.

Clavier said Mercier offered to extend the submission period until Monday, but he was hesitant.

“I don’t know. I don’t think it is an unusual request to ask for the original wording on changes that [City Council] proposes,” he said.

Terri Mercier says the reason for the submission deadline is to provide enough time for City Councilors to review the applications and add the approved presentations to the Agenda for Thursday. There is the option to extend the deadline until Monday in certain circumstances, but the likelihood that it would be approved is lower.

“We really try to limit that because we really don’t think it’s fair for both parties, but it is still an option”, says Mercier.