PA and Area Community Foundation provides $33,000 grant to upgrade picnic sites at Little Red

Prince Albert Rotary Club president Keith Fonstad (left) and Prince Albert and Area Community Foundation president Bill Powalinsky (right) pose for a photo at the site of the proposed Rotary Adventure Park at Little Red. -- Jason Kerr/Daily Herald

The Prince Albert Rotary Club got another big boost in their fundraising drive for a new Rotary Adventure Park at Little Red.

The club accepted a $33,287.50 grant from the Prince Albert and Area Community Foundation on June 23. Rotary club president Keith Fonstad said the donation shows just how much positive support there is from the community.

“Whether it’s through the feedback on what the park means to families, to what it means to some of our organizations that can provide funding, or whether it’s our supporters in the business community, or something like the Community Foundation—it just makes it so much better to know people are looking forward to the park just as much as we are,” Fonstad said.

Funds from the Community Foundation grant will help pay for new picnic sites at Little Red River Park, while improving the quality of those that are already in use. Fonstad said the upgrades will help make the adventure park site much more enjoyable for the families using it.

Although the Rotary Club anticipated getting some support from the Community Foundation, Fonstad said they had no idea what the amount would be.

“It was larger than what we were hoping for,” he said. “We were really happy with what we were able to get. Looking at the other organizations that got (Community Foundation) funding, there are so many deserving organizations who could use the funds, so we’re just happy to be able to get some.”

Prince Albert and Area Community Foundation president Bill Powalinsky said it was an easy decision to support the Rotary Club in their efforts to create an Adventure Park, and improve the area surrounding it. Powalinsky called it “the perfect project to get involved with” and thanked the Rotarians for getting it off the ground.

“This is one of those special projects that benefit to all citizens in all ages and stages in their lives,” he said. “It’s a really worthwhile initiative.”

The Rotary Club has committed more than $500,000 to the adventure park project. The projected cost is more than $800,000.

The park will include high level challenges that are more intense than facilities found at a regular playground. Features include a fitness area, climbing centre, parkour style circuit area, and elevated slides.

Design and development are still underway, with construction scheduled to start in spring 2022.