P.A. entrepreneur expanding message of finding purpose in life

Corliss Ratti--a 2018 ABEX finalist, author, entrepreneur and lifestyle coach--was born and raised in Prince Albert. (Corliss Ratti/Submitted)

Jayda Noyes, Daily Herald

Corliss Ratti is hoping her message of controlling your destiny will reach far and wide with the development of new mediums.

This message stemmed from her personal life.

Before she started her business—Corliss With Purpose—less than two years ago, she said she felt confused.

“I didn’t know what was missing, but I knew something definitely was,” she said.

For 25 years, she’s been an entrepreneur with PartyLite, but didn’t quite feel fulfilled and decided to launch Corliss With Purpose.

Corliss Ratti writes with the pen name ‘Corliss Rassyle’ for her new book, Lead Your Life. (Corliss Ratti/Submitted)

Through her business, she’s coaching her clients to do just that—to find their calling and go after their dreams.

Next month, Ratti is officially launching a book called Lead Your Life and virtual classes available globally.

Along with workshops, conferences and social media, Ratti hopes the various mediums can provide support for anyone wanting to “level up their lives.”

“This is all about having people find purpose and passion and have the confidence to be a leader in their own life and confidently go after that, so I’m providing as many skills in a platform that people can share and a community of positive people,” she said.

She’s been working on her book for the past seven months and just finished testing her virtual program in August to launch worldwide, although she’s already launched it locally.

She was also in the running to win a Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Achievement in Business Excellence (ABEX) award.

Ratti was one of six finalists in the New Venture category.

Out of all the businesses, she said hers was the only one that was non-traditional.

“I have a home business. That’s where I design all of the content, meaning write my book and create the classes and then I go out, I rent venues obviously, to hold my events,” she said. “I don’t have a physical building; I don’t have employees.”

Ratti continues to expand her business from Prince Albert to other areas of the world in hopes that she’ll help others achieve their goals.

“There’s a lot of women like me that want to live and be more, but they just don’t know how, so I’m there to support those women.”

Under the pen name Corliss Rassyle, Lead Your Life is available as an ebook on Amazon for $1.99 starting on Oct. 24, but Ratti said the price will increase shortly after.

She’s also holding a conference on Nov. 10 at the Saskatoon Golf & Country Club, where Dr. Murray Howe will be joining her to promote self-leadership.

For more information, visit www.corliss.ca.