From one chief to another

Former police chief and winter festival chairman Wes Stubbs at Saturday's gala.

Police Chief Troy Cooper MC’d a gala to honour one of his predecessors – former chief Wes Stubbs

The winter festival’s board threw its first annual Tux and Toques gala Saturday in honour of Wes Stubbs, who will serve as the festival’s first ever chairman.

The position is purely ceremonial, but it’s a fitting tribute to a former police chief whose involvement with Prince Albert’s chilliest 11-day spectacle goes back more than 50 years.

Stubbs said he’s delighted to see a team led by board chair Barry Mihilewicz renew the festival for a new generation.

“I saw the winter festival sort of fade away after my years with it,” he said. “To see it revived again by people like Barry, it really means a lot to me.”

Stubbs retired as police chief in 1990. But not before hiring a bright young constable – Prince Albert’s current police chief, Troy Cooper. Cooper was the master of ceremonies for the gala, held at Plaza 88. In a deadpan voice, Cooper launched comedic attacks against Stubbs, Mayor Greg Dionne and even the rural municipality of Paddockwood.

But he also turned his wit against himself – mocking his ceremonial attire.

“I know what I look like,” he said. “I look like a cross between a matador and a maître D’.”

Police chief Troy Cooper in the outfit he mocked.

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