Of ink ‘n pen

W. Quill

What does power most dearly fear
perhaps not first what one may think
an idea which really is a thread
spun through the eyes,teasing the ears
on it’s pathway into the readers head.

Pen ‘n Ink’s been exiled ‘n flogged
so,what power most dearly fears then!
are those long censored ‘n dogged
who’ll grasp the torch ‘n raise again!
the forgotten power of Ink ‘n Pen

Today we have the technocrats
these spoiled,wealth inherited brats!
building their ships on sinking seas
then fleeing them like rats!

why then is Ink ‘n Pen important?
it’s because it’s hard to defeat
not like the technology of today
so easy to hack ‘n delete
blowing their smoke into “The Cloud”!
so what comes out is” SHLEET”

Ailing arrows,the touch of a key
sent piercing the heart of a nation
No Bot,Troll or techno scroll
can change or erase the printed text
of a book or newspapers’ publication.

The Bison Cafe ‘n morning coffee
The P.A. Herald,sometimes a book!
I’m able to sit,relax ‘n think
trusting whats there I read and look
as I savor my warm delicious drink
In a chair that holds me softly.