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Home Arts Odyssey Productions takes on Saskatchewan drought in newest play

Odyssey Productions takes on Saskatchewan drought in newest play

Odyssey Productions takes on Saskatchewan drought in newest play
Kate Allen (left—played by Rayna Shez) introduces Olive Richards (right—played by Gail Enright) to some new tunes in Dry Streak, which opens Wednesday at Plaza 88 in Prince Albert.

Prince Albert may have seen record snowfall levels this winter, but the cast and crew of Dry Streak decided to focus on the other end of the environmental spectrum with Odyssey Productions’ latest play.

Dry Streak stars Rayna Shez as Kate Allen, a young woman from the city who moves with her boyfriend to his family farm and makes a rash promise to run down Main Street naked if only it would rain. Brett Kennedy stars as her boyfriend, John Richards, with Mathew Derworiz directing.

“This one is my first Saskatchewan play,” said Derworiz, who has directed three other Odyssey Productions plays, plus a few others for local theatre groups. “It’s nice to bring that personal touch of living in Saskatchewan and having a real personal connection with the subject matter of the play.”

Freelance writer and editor Leeann Minogue wrote the play while living on a grain and seed farm in southeastern Saskatchewan. It debuted at the Persephone Theatre in Saskatoon in 2006, and has since been performed across Canada.

Derworiz said they liked how relatable the characters were, and that inspired them to give the play a shot.

“I’m able to see myself in so many of the characters and other people that I know,” he explained. “Even though there are some characters who are grouchier than others, it’s still a real portrayal of local folks.”

Rounding out the main cast are Lee Raymond and Gail Enright, who play John’s parents, Peter and Olive Richards. Derworiz said it’s been fun to work with a cast that has a wide array of acting experience.

“We have people who have training in post-secondary institutions for theatre, and people for who this is their very first play since they were little kids in high school,” he explained. “Everyone’s local. They’re all from Prince Albert, and we have all levels of experience.”

Dry Streak is a two-act play with show time of about 90 minutes. The play runs from Feb. 23-26 at Plaza 88. For ticket information, visit www.odysseyproductions.ca. Masks must be worn by attendees in accordance with government mandates.

Derworiz said he hopes the play will bring some warmth to theatre goers during the cold winter months.

“I hope they would have a good laugh, and they reflect on the value of the family farm to the province,” he said.