Northlands College welcome students back for ’23-24 school year

Photo by Valerie G. Barnes Connell Jordan.

Northlands College hosted at two-day Welcome Back Event for students at kiskinwuhumatowin Urban Reserve Sept. 6 and 7.

The event started with a Pipe Ceremony and involved demonstrations of various traditional Indigenous cultural activities.

There was a demonstrations with Cathy Wheaton Bird of traditional Pow Wow dance at the stage area. Wheaton Bird shared the meaning and technique of the dance with people and the dancers performed.

There were tents and tipis set up, which were used for skilled artists and crafts people to share their skill with the community.

Visitors could learn about traditional medicines, how to make a finger knit Métis sash, sew a tipi, tan a hide and learn about the history of the La Ronge area.

Other skills involved birchbark biting, basket making, taste traditional blueberry jam and frybread, and participate in traditional teaching. 

Mornings began with a traditional breakfast and the first day ended with a traditional feast. The event involved opportunities to learn about prepring community food such as fish preparation. And, of course, there was plenty of opportunity for visiting throughout the event.

Chief Tammy Cook-Searson spoke at the closing about the opportunities available to people through the College. There are so many resources open to students with the college in the community, she said.

She encouraged the students to keep going with their dreams of a high education, “get your bachelors, your masters, your doctorate.” She encouraged students to always ask for help if they are challenged somewhere along the way. It’s stronger to ask for help, then let the opportunity pass by.