nisto ihāwina – Early Years Resource Centre celebrates literacy

Valerie G. Barnes Connell Jordan/Northern Advocate. Each child received a copy of the recommended book for the week, “Welcome to the Cypher, by Khodi Dill, and pictures by Awunadwoa Afful.”

Nisto ihtāwina celebrated literacy with events throughout the last week of January, including Jan. 27, Family Literacy Day.

Families gathered at the nisto ihtāwina centre for some games, a presentation by local Rap artist, Jordan Bird, who shared his story along with singing some of the song’s he’s written over the years in his early life such as, becoming a father, a struggle with depression and his exploration of Rap and songwriting, Tina Roberts, who works with the centre, said.

“I am excited to share my songs with you,” Bird told the children, and family members gathered.

There was opportunity to explore art, take a walk as physical literacy and hear the story from the book chosen for Literacy Week, Welcome to the Cypher, by Khodi Dill, and pictures by Awunadwoa Afful.

There was an opportunity to visit the “Story Wall,” during the walk.

Each child got a copy of the book at the end of the walk, and lunch was served.

Event’s throughout the week were geared to give families a broader understanding of literacy.

They had “scribble books,” which gave children an opportunity to explore scribble as literacy. They also made family picture frames during another session during the week.

They were given 100 copies of the book to share with families. Another evening information on physical literacy was also shared with families.

Roberts took some copies out into the community schools and shared the stories and books with other children.

The mission of the Centre: “We are early learning champions for families with young children. With a profound belief in the transformative power of early learning, we strive to provide families with the resources to enhance a child’s quality of life and future. Our team provides a supportive network and is a true partner in early childhood development, delivering inclusive, strength-based programs in safe and secure environments to empower parents to build resilient and healthy families. When we work together we soar together.”