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Home Arts Music legend looks to fill Gary Anderson Community Centre for new concert series

Music legend looks to fill Gary Anderson Community Centre for new concert series

Music legend looks to fill Gary Anderson Community Centre for new concert series
Jake Vaadeland and the Sturgeon River Boys are among 10 acts scheduled to perform at the Gary Anderson Centre in Christopher Lake over the next fives months. -- Photo by All My Relations Photography.

Local country music legend Larry Krause said it’s been difficult for musicians and entertainers to rebound after months of lockdowns due to COVID-19, but he’s hoping that will change with the newest Timberline Music Productions concert series.

Krause has organized a series of live concerts at the Gary Anderson Community Centre in Christopher Lake. He said it’s important for musicians to have a venue to play in after many venues have been slow to reopen their doors.

“I’m really pleased to watch this thing go. I’m really pleased, as well, with the calibre of the performers that we’ve got,” Krause said.

“There’s a real buzz up at the lakes about this. I know for the first concert, we’ve already got a fair number of advanced tickets sold, so it’s looking like something that maybe its time has come.”

Jeffery Straker, Justin LaBrash, and Jake Vaadeland and the Sturgeon River Boys are among the musician who will take the stage over the next five months. Krause said he’s eager to see everyone back on stage after a difficult last two years.

“So many of the places we would go to, so many of the opportunities we would have as musicians to go to small community halls and that type of a thing, basically dried up, and it’s taking a fair bit in order to open up some of those opportunities again,” he explained. “In talking with people here at the Gary Anderson Community Centre when I first approached them with the prospect of the idea, they jumped right on it. They were very much in favour.”

While Krause hopes to give musicians a chance to play, he also wants to give Lakeland area residents an additional entertainment opportunity during the winter months. He’s seen plenty of tourist and entertainment type activities during the summer, but said there’s a lack of events for locals who live in the area all year round.

All performances are Thursday evenings, a date Krause selected specifically because it’s one of the least busy on the calendar.

“Every weekend there’s a hockey tournament that mom and dad and grandparents that everybody goes to, but on Thursday everybody’s clicking through the channels,” he said. “If Yellowstone isn’t on, what are we going to do?”

Planning for the event started back in May, but Kraise said the idea of packing small community halls with musical acts is an old tradition in rural areas. He’s confident this concert series will live up to the hype.

The event will also double as a fundraiser for the Gary Anderson Community Centre. Krause said the funds will go towards day-to-day operations.

For tickets to any of the concert dates, please visit the Village of Christopher Lake Office. Cash or e-transfers only. For more information about e-transfers, email rafterkp@gmail.com.

Concert schedule:

Dec. 1 – Jake Vaadeland and the Sturgeon River Boys

Dec. 15 – Christmas Concert with Munro and Patrick

Jan. 12 – Justin LaBrash

Jan. 26 – Wade Fehr

Feb. 16 – Tommy John Ehman

Mar. 16 – St. Patrick’s Day Special with Stephen Maguire

Mar. 23 – Rod Gjerde

Apr. 13 – Jolie Blue

Apr. 27 – Jeffery Straker

May 11 – Larry Krause: The Legendary Canadiana Show

*all shows start at 7:30 p.m.