Multicultural Council puts out call for youth leaders in Prince Albert

Prince Albert youth take part in a PAMC Culture Camp in July 2021. The PAMC has started the search for local youth interested in making a difference through a new Youth Ambassador Program. -- Photo from the Prince Albert Multicultural Council Facebook page.

The Prince Albert Multicultural Council (PAMC) is searching for local youth who are interested in making a difference in the community as part of their new Multicultural Youth Ambassador Program.

Interested youth participants who apply for the program will be given the opportunity to pitch initiatives or projects that focus on topics like reconciliation, anti-racism, diversity, inclusion, democratic engagement and strengthening youth resilience in the community.

“This is the very first time we’re coming out with this program, but we are planning to continue from this year onwards,” said PAMC Youth Coordinator Komal Saxena.

Projects can take the form of video productions, social media campaigns, hosting a cultural art gallery, or creating a program that will be added to PAMC’s list of future events and activities.

The only catch is that the youth-led initiative must have a budget not exceeding $5,000, which will be fully covered by the PAMC. Mentorship, project management and leadership training will also be provided as part of the program.

After completion of their respective community projects and a public showcase, the participants of the Youth Ambassador Program will go on to make up the PAMC’s Youth Council.

“For PAMC, it’s very important to really engage with the youth so that they get an opportunity and [some] exposure to really go out and do some good work for the community,” said Saxena.

“We need to have our own youth ambassadors for Prince Albert, so that activities and cultural events can take place with the help of youth.”

The PAMC held their first few meetings for the program in May, which saw a turnout of around 12 diverse Prince Albert and area youth from various “interesting” backgrounds, said Saxena.

Applications for the Youth Ambassador Program are still ongoing and local youth between the ages of 16 to 30 years old are invited to join in.

Those who believe they have a strong project idea or youth-led initiative that would be perfect for the PAMC are asked to call 306-922-0400 to register.