Moe’s ‘leadership’ style becoming uglier to watch

Were I a “Commie, socialist, left-leaning Democrat leading the world towards a WEF-regulated economic disaster” and it was a Tuesday in Washington, DC at about 11:15 AM, would be getting a few of the “boys” (no offense to my “queer” friends) together for lunch at Pedophile Pizza, a 12 minute walk from the Senate, where today’s menu will feature a five-topper featuring Paneer water buffalo cheese-stuffed gluten-free crust, diced green onions, finely chopped Trinidad Moruga scorpion peppers, Kamsack Screech-marinated Prairie oysters, segmented strips of freshly smoked wild boar bacon, and topped with delicately braised ground aborted fetus.

AND IF the featured drink of the day is their “Caesarian Special”, served in their standard half-liter sea salted mug, an 8-to-1 measuring of Leon Verres and Lucky Bastard Dill Pickle vodkas blended with the fresh blood freshly sterilized at their inhouse Botox/Abortion clinic, then sprinkled with ground black pepper and celery seed, and garnished with Giant Red celery.

OK, now; here’s the “problem”…

Without this “May I have your attention, please” moment inserted at this point, less than half of this readership would have just read over at least the first paragraph and not have the faintest inkling that IF they wanted to call themselves “informed Canadians”, their “What the Hell!” moment just occurred about 15 seconds ago.

The “literary narrative” that I was attempting to “describe” took its roots from the extreme right conspiracy theorist Q’Anon, who in the U.S. 2016 presidential race maintained that Democrats were nothing more than “pedophile groomers” who frequented a Washington pizza joint where they drank copious quantities of aborted baby’s blood, usually without the alcoholic content. There were American voters who believed this sickening rumour, including 28-year-old Eddgar Madison, who received four years for walking into the Comet Ping Pong in December of 2016 waving a rifle, looking for the abortion “mill” providing patrons with their favourite non-alcoholic brew.

Closer to home, the voice of Q’Anon now is speaking loudly in Saskatchewan. Our premier Scott Moe, desperately wanting to shore up his crumbling government’s popularity, is now determined to enshrine “parental rights” into the Canadian Constitution, if necessary by the utilization of our moronic “notwithstanding” clause. If Saskatchewan voters can’t get their minds around the fact that the premier’s motivation to make this such a “big deal” is that he’s both trying to steal Nadine Wilson’s thunder while trying to keep hidden his obvious disgust with LGBTQ issues having gained so much relevance and meaning in such a short time, you haven’t been paying enough attention to the matter, have you.

I have NEVER been so humiliated as a citizen in this province as seeing so many child adults whose parents obviously never had that “birds and bees” conversation with their own parents. What have we learned from investigating the reason for Scott Moe’s crusade to the insane side of reality, now that it’s boiling down to a crusade targeting trans and gay/lesbian kids and being denied a “right” to be described by the usage of their “preferred pronouns”? And “grooming teachers” are to blame for ALL of this, when all that I can recall of over 30 years at the front of a classroom was how pathetically children’s emotional concerns were addressed in schools? 

As a TEACHER, Mr. Moe, I don’t refer to students by pronouns; I call them by their NAME! And just in case you “forgot” some of the many word descriptors taught to you in school, a “name” is a NOUN!

What’s triggered this stupidity being taken by our provincial government. NINE letters from parents – NINE – that’s it. Who are these “parents”? Who knows, and who really cares – except that perhaps this pontification of governmental stupidity is a result of the lobbying intent of a group called the “Home School Legal Defence Association” only too willing to assure the world that parents can “home school” their kids.

The bottom line here is that we now have a group of fanatical adults who were given a PRIVILEGE to bring new life to Earth suddenly now thinking that some “divine” right has been endowed to us by a God who sees NO contradiction in seeing these SAME people not feeding their kids, failing to teach them anything, beating them, selling them – whatever, just so they can have “control” over another human beating. That’s NOT the “God” I was brought up to believe in…

Look at the stupidity of events unfolding that have created this scenario. Grade 9 kids in Lumsden suddenly had access to a dictionary of sex terminology on a set of playing cards and the kids knew more of the meanings to these words than their parents did? Allowing extremist “right to life” adherents to denigrate the efforts of Planned Parenthood in their struggle to find child abuse – the SAME freaks who’ll weep over a loss of a “potential” life but have no problem buying guns to go out and shoot “Indigenous” criminals and other “less valuable” life forms? 

Former Minister of Education Dustin Duncan made the right decision to have a public discussion as to what went “wrong” in Lumsden last June later in the school year; instead, Moe threw him under the bus because of him showing consideration for others disturbed by how odious gut reactions could turn in this province in which our vaunted representatives, and especially Nadine Wilson could throw gasoline onto the hate fires these clowns have continued to build for the last 15 years.

You want to know how to FIX this issue? DEFINE the extent of policy to which schools must adhere when dealing with a conflict between the will of a child and the concern of the parent – AND if there is ANYTHING that reeks of violence or abuse of the child by this concerned parent, including past behaviour, DENY such a right to this parent save through well-supervised mediation.

End of story… Oh, sorry; I forgot that the provincial government had the inside track on family abuse issues, and according to Moe, you can’t take away “rights” – THAT’s why this issue is only about privilege and control of vulnerable human beings.