Moe confident heading into leadership convention

Saskatcehwan Party MLAs Delbert Kirsch, Scott Moe, Nadine Wilson and Joe Hargrave listen as Prince Albert and District Chamber of Commerce CEO Kelvin Pankiw speaks ahead of the mayor's state of the city address on Jan. 25, 2018. (Peter Lozinski/Daily Herald)

The Sask. Party leadership candidate and possible future premier spoke about what effect the campaign will have on himself and his party during a stop in P.A. Thursday, his last public appearance pre-convention.

Scott Moe is confident heading into Saturday.

The Rosthern-Shellbrook MLA and candidate for Sask. Party leadership will learn whether he is the Saskatchewan Party’s choice to become premier Saturday when the final votes will be cast and tallied at the end of a long leadership race that saw five candidates fan out across the province.

Moe was in Prince Albert Thursday for the last public appearance of his leadership campaign, a spot at the head table during mayor Greg Dionne’s annual State of the City address.

Moe was mentioned specifically by the mayor during his address. His support for a fully-funded hospital and his knowledge of the area (he is a nearby MLA) were called out as key points in his favour.

While Dionne didn’t say outright people should vote for Moe, it was strongly implied.

Moe will now return home, a place he hasn’t seen a lot of during the campaign, and think about what he’ll say Saturday in Saskatoon.

“It’s been a fantastic four and a half — almost five — months now,” Moe said.

“Visiting over 100 communities across the province and meeting with not just Sask. Party members, but with people and leaders in communities. Things have gone really well and it’s been a tremendously rewarding experience. Our communities are going to be strong for a long time, and it’s because of the people.”

Moe said the focus of the past few weeks has been getting out the vote. His campaign, and Moe himself, have been along people across the province to ensure they fully participate.

The campaign is even helping deliver sealed ballots to Saskatoon so late voters don’t have to worry about their ballot getting delayed or lost in the mail.

“I’m just getting prepared for Saturday, which I think is a wonderful day for the party, and ultimately for the province” Moe said.

We feel pretty good. We ran a good campaign with our 22 MLAs and other thousands of people across the province. We’re very proud of the policy we put forward, that includes investment in the economy, growing our economy and growing jobs across the province.”

Moe also mentioned the promise to reinstate the PST exemption on insurance, and his commitment to funding the regional hospital.

“As we go into convention week, we feel our chances are as good as anybody’s,” he said.

“It’s going to be close, I’m sure of that, but we think our chances are as good as anybody’s. And I wouldn’t trade spots with anybody.”

Whatever happens Saturday, Moe thinks he and his party are better for what has happened over the past several months.

“I think this experience has made me a better person, (and) a better representative of my community and the surrounding region,” he said.

“This whole experience, five of us travelling across the province, meeting with people, this is the very same way this party was formed. I think it makes us a stronger governing party in the next two years going into the election in 2020. This is a renewal process the premier was looking for. Whoever is successful, I would encourage them; I would like to see this type of engagement process continue into the future. “