MLAs: Their New Year’s predictions

Daily Herald Staff. Prince Albert MLAs Joe Hargrave and Nicole Rancourt.

We asked Prince Albert’s MLAs – the NDP’s Nicole Rancourt and the Sask. Party’s Joe Hargrave – what they think 2017 will look like. Will oil prices continue to recover? What will Donald Trump mean for our province? How about those Roughriders? When they get away from politics, it seems, there’s plenty of room for agreement.

Joe Hargrave – Prince Albert Carlton

What are the main things to look out for during the next legislative session?

There are lots of continuing bills that will be finalized here in the next session. I know we’re still looking to do more on safe driving. Like I said when we introduced that legislation (on stricter penalties for impaired driving), we’re not done yet. We want to bring down the number of deaths and injuries in this province. My goal is to do that.

And the budget of course – it’s not finalized yet, but it will be a very interesting discussion.

Nicole Rancourt – Prince Albert Northcote

What are the main things to look out for during the next legislative session?

The big one that we’re following right now is Bill 40, the Interpretation Amendment Act. The Sask. Party government wants to pass that through during the upcoming session, the spring. It would enable them to sell up to 49 per cent of the Crowns without a mandate from the province.

We’re going to be fighting that bill, because the Crowns are owned by the people of this province. Right now we can’t afford to be selling our crowns. They make a good profit for us.

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