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Meet the new editor of the Daily Herald

Meet the new editor of the Daily Herald
Peter Lozinski is the managing editor of the Prince Albert Daily Herald.

Peter Lozinski joins the Daily Herald team

Good morning Prince Albert!

My name is Peter and I’ll be your new editor.

I know having a new editor will be a surprise to many, as Tyler only said goodbye Nov. 12.

It was a surprise to me when the big bosses approached me and requested I head up here.

A little bit about me – I graduated from the journalism program at Toronto’s Ryerson University in 2014.

While at Ryerson, I wrote for the Canadian Press, Canada.com (a Postmedia daily news website that no longer produces original content), a now-defunct city magazine and a now-defunct student magazine.

I also served as the campus paper’s city hall reporter during the Rob Ford Saga. It was an interesting time, both as a working reporter/political junkie and as a student of journalism.

A few months and 70 job applications after graduating near the top of my class, I took my first full-time reporter job at the Cold Lake Sun, a weekly newspaper in Cold Lake, Alta.

It was a big move for me – I had lived in the Toronto area my whole life, so moving from a place with several million people to one with a population of 16,000 was a bit of a culture shock.

What was also a shock was my first promotion – five months into my time in Cold Lake, my editor left and I was chosen as her successor.

I worked as a reporter/editor there for 18 months before deciding the editor job wasn’t for me.

Just over three months ago I packed up my life and began work in Moose Jaw at the Times-Herald, the Daily Herald’s sister paper.

It was a time of transition of the paper, and for myself, as it took on a new look with new expectations from the new owner.

If you had told me then that in three months I’d be an editor again, I would have laughed.

But less than two weeks ago (it was a really quick turnaround), I was approached and asked if I would consider taking the editor job in Prince Albert.

I was taken aback – I didn’t expect something like this so soon after joining the company.

I mulled it over for a few hours before accepting. It’s not every day you get offered a managing editor position at a daily newspaper.

So that brings me to right here, right now.

From my few days here I can already tell that Prince Albert is a lively, diverse city.

There is a great team of people in place here in the PA Herald newsroom. I will bring my dedication, passion for journalism and laser-focus on the important local news stories to an already-established, talented team.

Over the next few weeks, I will make it my personal mission to meet with as many people as possible to get a handle on what’s important to this community.

If you have any concerns, or any suggestions, I’d love to hear your feedback.

Give me a call at 306-764-4576 x242, or email me at peter.lozinski@paherald.sk.caI’d love to chat and hear your story.

After all this is your newspaper, not mine.

I’m excited. We can do great things together.

Thank you for welcoming me to PA.