Kistahpinanihk Paddling Club hosting open house Thursday in Prince Albert

Members of the Kistahpinanihk Paddling Club. -- Submitted photo.

People interested in paddling are invited to attend the Kistahpinanihk Paddling Club’s (KPC) open house on Thursday evening in Prince Albert.

The open house is an opportunity for attendees to spark an interest in paddling, and there will be a chance to win a free KPC membership for the summer via a draw at the end of the night.

Program coordinator Dwight Bergstrom says he’s hoping to get the word out and get more people, especially youth, interested in joining the club.

“It’s amazing how few people actually know that the club is here in Prince Albert,” Bergstrom said. “It’s sort of out of the way on River Street, so a lot of people have it out of sight and out of mind. We’ve got a boathouse full of canoes and kayaks down there, and when people buy their memberships, they have full access to those amenities.

Located on the 800 block of River Street West, the Prince Albert Drifters Rowing Club will be the site of the open house. People checking it out will be able to see the sort of canoes, kayaks and other equipment that will be used on the water. KPC paddle sport instructional programming will be available based on member interest. KPC canoe and kayak outings will also be organized based on member interest.

People have the choice of purchasing a membership with or without access to equipment. The adult charge is just $100 for the full package, or just $60 for those who want to bring their own canoe or kayak. A family pack can be purchased for $175. Bergstrom says the value of the membership is worth it, considering the every day price of canoe or kayak rentals at the lake.

“If you go to rent a canoe for the day at the lake, you’re probably looking at $40 or more just for one day,” Bergstrom explained. “So for $100, you have our membership, access to our equipment and programming tools. We never run out of equipment, so no matter how many people want to go out on a given day, they won’t have to worry. $100 for a membership is well worth it.”

The open house will also give those attending the chance to inquire about upcoming events, like the 2022 and 2023 Summer Games. The Games are just the start of the terrific opportunities that are available for people looking to become members of the club. Bergstrom says for people who have any more questions about the membership or the club, the open house will be a great place to ask.

KPC memberships can be purchased at the open house on Thursday night, which runs from 5-8 p.m. KPC members will also receive discounts at Fresh Air Experience on any canoe accessory purchases. Food and drinks will also be served at the open house, with the draw for the free membership and other prizes to be handed out throughout the night.