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Home News KidSport puts new spin on familiar fundraiser

KidSport puts new spin on familiar fundraiser

KidSport puts new spin on familiar fundraiser
Jason Kerr/Daily Herald Spin S2DIO owner/operator Dez Hesson (left) and KidSport Prince Albert committee member Dwight Bergstrom (right) kick off the Spin for KidSport campaign on Tuesday, Sept. 13. -- Jason Kerr/Daily Herald

KidSport Prince Albert kicked off their 2022 fundraising campaign on Tuesday looking to pick up where they left off before COVID.

The organization’s fundraising opportunities took a hit during the lockdowns, but so did applications as youth sport organizations canceled or shortened their seasons.

KidSport Prince Albert committee member Dwight Bergstrom said they expect application numbers to return to their pre-COVID level over the next 12 months, and that means their fundraising has to keep up.

“It’s a sad day, but there are times where we have applications come in and we have no money left,” Bergstrom said on Tuesday. “We just have to say to those parents and those kids, ‘I’m sorry, we are out of cash. We just can’t do it.’ We are hoping we can prevent that from happening.”

KidSport Prince Albert’s annual budget is estimated at around $75,000. That’s enough to provide 300 Prince Albert youth with $250 each. The funds allow children from underprivileged families an opportunity to enroll in various sports program around the city.

Bergstrom said they not only expect demand to increase due to sports leagues returning to their normal season length. Rising costs and inflation may also push more families to the financial brink, meaning there’s less money for recreation activities.

“I wouldn’t say we were caught on our heels, but we’ve really got to start getting caught up with our fundraising to meet the need before COVID hit,” Bergstrom said. “With the inflation and so on, … we’re feeling it. If you’re a family just teeter tottering at (the edge), you’ve got a minimum wage or better job and a couple of kids, I don’t know how you can do it.”

To help meet demand, KidSport will turn to Spin S2DIO for help. The locally owned business offers a variety of spin cycle classes, and on Oct. 1, they’ll host SPIN for KidSport, with the goal of raising $8,000 by 6 p.m.

“I envision it being a gong-show like everything else that we do here at the studio, and I mean that in the best of ways,” Spin S2DIO owner/operator Dez Hesson said with a laugh. “We’re always causing a ruckus. We’re causing a scene. We’re making things dramatic. We’re making things big. I think it’s going to be absolutely fantastic.”

Teams of four can register for one of four classes offered that day. Spin S2DIO has 26 bikes available for each class, with the registration fee set at $400/team. That registration fee can be paid for by a team sponsor, or individual members can fundraise to reach the total.

If Spin for Kidsport hits their $8,000 goal, one of either Bergstrom or Hesson will spend the night in a scissor lift, something Bergstrom has done for past fundraisers.

Hesson joined this year at Bergstrom’s request. She said it was an easy decision to get involved.

“I just think it is so important to get kids moving,” she explained. “Healthy, confident kids become healthy, confident adults, and that’s what we need to start getting stronger at in our communities.”

To make donations on Spin for KidSport day, visit www.kidsportdonations.ca. Businesses can also donate gift cards to be used as participant prizes. Visit Spin S2DIO to register your team.