Josh Morrow Campaign – Part 4

Photo credit: Peter Lozinski/Prince Albert Daily Herald

Safety & Security Action Plan

It’s time we take accountability and responsibility for our own problems. We need our own solutions and we must stop shifting blame and simply do better. It is absurd to think that the solution is simply to add more officers and pour more money onto bandaid fixes. It is unsustainable, its unacceptable and more importantly unaffordable.  The root cause must be the focal point of any and all initiatives moving forward. As mayor, I will accept responsibility and accountability for the efficiency, productivity and deliver-ability of your police department and our previously uncontrolled crime rate over the next 4 years.

We have created a 4 phase approach to deliver results to you the citizens.

First is a

Rejuvenation of the Neighbourhood Crime Watch Program –

More spending and more officers is not the solution. First off, we can not afford it. Secondly, we must incentivise, encourage and increase community involvement more than we have ever done before. Change comes from the people, within the people and ultimately for the people. As someone who has a desire to serve, I have met countless individuals within our city who want to do the exact same thing. You as citizens will have that opportunity moving forward and will have the ability to get involved and make a difference right here in your city. Something we have immediate and direct access to are willing and able citizens who have a burning desire to do their part to make this a safer city for ourselves and our children.

Second is an

Open Door Policy for our Youth-

If elected, you can expect my attendance in each and every classroom from kindergarten to grade 12 within my first year in office. I strongly believe, as mayor, I must do a better job of interacting and including the opinions and views of our children. They need to understand how they can make the difference, they can hold the power of the future and ultimately they can directly impact our cities escalating crime rate. I will implement the little deputy program where I will make sure every child and teenager within our city understands that my office is always welcoming and inclusive for them, no matter their age, their color or social status. I believe they have been severely overlooked and I will make sure they know I am 100 percent committed to stand beside them and work with them to make this a safer city. We have let our children down for too long and it is time to lift them up.

Third will be the first ever

 Prince Albert Air Support Service-

This will consist of 5 law enforcement drones that will assist and provide aerial support within the City of Prince Albert. If you are a criminal in this city and have been hiding or out running the police, you will have nowhere to hide any longer. This will dramatically increase the safety of our officers and civilians. It will add the ability to efficiently and cost effectively patrol problematic areas and places like the rotary trail, will now have an eye in the sky providing you with a safer and more secure recreation area. I can tell you firsthand as a pilot, the benefits to our first responders for search and rescues and the benefits to our police officers ensure these men and women return home to their families.

Fourth and final,

Setting Management, Administration and the Police Commission up for success not failure-

We will no longer select or place people within management positions to set them up for failure. You as citizens expect the system to select individuals that are the most qualified, the most educated and the most respected. No longer will someone be selected based on who they know. As a citizen, and as police officers within this city, you deserve to have complete confidence in your Chief, Administration and Police Commission. My commitment to you is that you will love coming to work again, you will be part of a team that is healthy, fully functioning and completely supported. Criminals can sense weakness and I believe you have all witnessed firsthand over the past few months what that looks like. These men and women give it their all each and every day for you and for me. We owe it to them to listen to their concerns and take it seriously. I will restore complete faith and functionality at the police department within the first year 6 months. Its time to rebuild and create a winning team.

Theses measures are innovative, they have been developed with creative thinking, brainstorming and supported by professionals throughout the industry. We are an amazing, dynamic and multicultural city with unique challenges. These are all things that we can fix, learn from and do better at. Starting November 9th lets work together and improve the health, happiness and safety of our community.

Thank you,

Josh Morrow