Jake Diehl returns to the stage

Photo courtesy Wilna Furstenberg

Music has been a huge part of Jake Diehl’s life. Wednesday, the young Prince Albert musician returned to the stage.

Diehl was in an accident last May and suffered head trauma. He was transferred to Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon. As he improved, he was moved to City Hospital. He was discharged in September. Prior to his accident, Diehl was very active in the local music scene. But since recovering, he hadn’t been on any local stage.

That changed when Diehl was approached by Evert Botha, one of the organizers of the monthly Winesday fundraiser.

“Jake was here nine months ago and it was an amazing event,” Botha said.

“I think he connected with everyone that was here. With the incredible journey he’s been on in the last year, it only seemed right to have him back when he was ready. By all indications, he’s back and he’s amazed us like he did the last time.”

Diehl was happy to return to the stage.

“It felt good,” he said. “It was pretty wicked to play on the amp in front of people again.”

Diehl said the Tartan Table, which was formerly known as the Rock Trout Café, was one of the first places he had one of his big gigs.

“it was a really good throwback.”

Being able to return to that stage and perform was a key step in his ongoing recovery.

“It was pretty important. It was a big deal to know I was good enough to come back and play some more.”

It was also an important milestone for his family.

“It’s pretty emotional for me,” his mother, Karin Ferris, said.

“His first time playing, it’s a really big deal for him. Music is everything to him right now.”

Diehl believes music is the reason he woke from his coma. He said it has always been important to him.

“it’s played a role in my life since I was a baby,” he said.

My dad played in a band in our basement, and honestly, it’s what woke me up. It really is.”

Botha said Diehl’s performance was as good as ever.

“His performance was exceptional. It’s amazing just to see the incredible recovery from what he’s been through and what he went through last year,” he said.

“It was a very special night for us tonight to have him back and we’ll hopefully have him back again in the next year or so.”

For Diehl, the next step is to keep practicing and keep getting better before getting back into playing more shows. It’s something his mother is pleased to see.

“He was a bit nervous tonight, but I know that as soon as he got up there, he was comfortable again. I could tell he felt better once he got going,” she said.

“He’s got a natural talent and he feels so passionate about it. I love seeing him do what he loves to do. That’s the most important thing.”

For Diehl, it just comes down to practice.

“I try to practice for about four to five hours every day,” he said. His plan is to get back out performing music again.

“I’ve just got to practice a little more,” he said.

“I’ve got to do it, because I know I can.”