Interest grows for homebased business entrepreneurs in La Ronge

With the long days of being closeted in doors during the COVID 19 Pandemic, Viviana Ruiz Arcand found an interest in creating precious stone jewelry.
“During COVID there wasn’t a lot to do,” she said.
As she became more involved, Ruiz Arcand decided to explore ways to sell her creations and the answer came online.
She found the Saskatchewan Craft and Trade Shows Network.
“People organize trade shows in different communities, and they put a call out to other vendors,” she explained.
Any potential vendors then can contact that person to say, “I’m interested. They ask for a table and you go.”
Ruiz Arcand organized a Trade Show in La Ronge in early 2021.
“That would have been the first one and every four to six months or so, I’ve organized one.”
The trade shows give Ruiz Arcand an opportunity to sell her work and “it gives others an opportunity to sell their wares. It gives local people exposure to out-of-town vendors that they might not have access to. It also gives in-town people the opportunity to sell their wares. And it gives people something to do on a slow day.”
Ruiz Arcand organized a Craft and Trade Show held at the Legion on Saturday, Nov. 19.
Here were 19 vendors, one from each Melfort, Stanley Mission and Birch Hills along with two from Prince Albert and the rest were from the La Ronge area.
There was a variety of products available throughout the event and it offered opportunity for local people to find items they don’t always find at home.