Increase in revenue sharing with help with growth: Nipawin mayor

Nicole Goldsworthy, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,

Nipawin’s mayor said the predictable and sustainable funding through the municipal revenue sharing program allows the Town of Nipawin to plan for future projects.

“The most notable part of the 2024 budget announcement for Nipawin was the increase in revenue sharing,” said Marlon Zacharias. “This increase will provide predictable and sustainable funding, which allows us to plan ahead for future projects and initiatives within our community.

“This year’s increase will allow us to begin laying the framework for growth in Nipawin. In addition to the revenue sharing, the previously announced improvements to Highway 55 will continue to benefit Nipawin’s tourism industry and others dependent on improving highway infrastructure.”

The mayor did note that he was hoping to see an increase in infrastructure funding and grants for the municipalities in this budget. Costs for infrastructure projects have skyrocketed with inflationary costs.

“Infrastructure projects have increased by over 100 per cent. This severely limits the distance we can stretch our tax revenue and slows and stops potential investment in these projects.”

Zacharias said there is also a need for increased investment in the hospital in Nipawin. While there is a plan for some renovations this year, it would have been beneficial to have a plan for a larger renovation and improvements given our growing service area.

“Small businesses have been the lifeblood of our community for decades, it was nice to see a freeze on the small business taxes in this budget, although any decrease would have been preferred.”