Hoback will meet with truckers

Randy Hoback, Conservative MP for Prince Albert is publicly supporting the goals of a group of truckers wanting to end vaccination requirements who are demonstrating in Ottawa this weekend.

Hoback released a statement on his Facebook page on Jan. 28, saying that he plans to meet with any peaceful demonstrator from this constituency while they are in Ottawa.

“On the issue of federal vaccine mandates on truckers, I and my Conservative colleagues have been very clear. We oppose them,” wrote Hoback.

Party leader Erin O’Toole has also said he will meet with truckers next week.

A convoy of transport trucks and pickups left western Canada  earlier this week. Earlier this morning, the Kingston Ont. Police tweeted that the convoy that passed through the community at 9:35 am included 17 tractor/trailer units, 104 tractors with no trailers, 424 passenger vehicles and six RVs.

Hoback said in his statement that the CPC leader has instead called for more use of rapid tests to accommodate federal and federally regulated employees, including truck drivers as a way to keep the economy moving.

“Conservative Party Erin O’Toole has also been crystal clear on federally mandated vaccines. While vaccines are the best way of addressing serious illness associated with COVID-19, it is also apparent that not every Canadian will be vaccinated,” said Hoback.

He also pointed out that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau implemented the vaccine requirements by regulation and Orders In Council, which eliminated a House of Commons debate.

The NDP are supporting the Liberal minority government, allowing the changes to happen.

Another point Hoback raised is that many of the restrictions being protested by the truckers are provincial responsibility, not federal.

“Mandates on doctors, nurses, hospitals, schools, bus drivers, local businesses, etc. are all implemented by our provincial governments. The power to do so is defined in Section 92 of the Constitution. I nor any federal Member of Parliament possess the power to override provincial mandates. Neither does the federal government,” said Hoback. In Saskatchewan, it would be the government led by Scott Moe and the Saskatchewan Party.