Halloween 101


It is really neat to see so many folks getting their homes ready for Halloween. The decorations, spooky sounds and of course treats signal that mysterious day or the official “candy day.” If you are one of those folks getting your home ready here are a few tips to make you spooky castle look its best but also be a safe haven for the ghosts and goblins who will be visiting.

If your decorations involve lights and blow up decorations, please use proper outdoor extension cords and do not overload your electrical circuits. Be sure this are anchored down securely so they don’t blow out into traffic yet be stolen by a witch or two! If hanging things from the house or trees, use ladders safely and with the help of family and friends, are sure someone is holding the ladder for added safety. While the spooky nature of Halloween includes scaring visitors, be sure those who need to get to your home can safely. The young trick and treaters need to see the steps of the home so they don’t become injured getting to and from your residence. Should the weather turn cold and snowy keep your sidewalks free of ice and snow so no one trips or slips. Decorations might include carving the pumpkin. Moms and dads sharp objects like a knife can be dangerous. Please also consider lighting the pumpkin with a flashlight vs. a candle in case it does get dumped over and potentially might start a fire.

With any luck you’ve got an idea of what you might like to be for Halloween. Whether you are an adult who has the chance to dress up at work or someone whose dressing up for a day at school be sure your costume lets you see and hear. Adults never should drive wearing a costume, this is asking for a collision to happen and children walking to/from school might not be able to see/hear at crosswalks. It is so easy to grab some old clothes, face paints and makeup to make a really cool costume without spending much money. The key to safety in any costume is so that the person wearing it can see and hear; the costume is also not too long that they might trip over it. Avoid props like a sword or cane because in the excitement of carrying a treat bag combined with a prop it is only asking for a trip, slip or fall. BE sure the costume is bright with something reflective on it and light that should the weather be cold it can be pulled over top of something warm. Have the little ghost and goblins carry a flashlight with them. There is strength in numbers so never go out alone! Anything you can add to make the costume reflective will make the child seen by traffic.

The excitement of going for treats might lead children to cross the street as friends yell out the better treats on the block. Motorists need to remember on Halloween day slowdown in residential areas and children please cross at the corners, looking both ways before you cross the street. The whole Halloween exercise includes gathering treats but moms and dads please go through the treat bag before your child starts picking out their favorite. Unless you can verify the source of the treat such as puffed wheat cake from grandma all unwrapped treats should be thrown away. It is great to not consume all that candy at once spreading it out. But consider healthy treats too! Have a safe and Happy Halloween!