Hack attack replaces P.A. police website with pro-ISIS message

A screenshot of the message displayed on the police website this morning. Twitter/b_blumberg

The Prince Albert Police Service website was hacked, temporarily displaying a pro-ISIS message.

The incident was first publicized Wednesday morning, with social media users and media organizations sharing a screenshot from the affected website.

It read “Hacked by Team System Dz… I Love Islamic State,” apparently referring to the terrorist group based in Iraq and Syria.

The message was removed from the site later Wednesday morning, replaced with a white screen and text promising the return of the police service’s website.

Police spokesman Sgt. Travis Willie said the site is currently being restored. He stressed that the hackers did not reach any sensitive police information.

“There was no information breach or no privacy breach,” he said. “Everything on our website is public.”

Sgt. Willie also reported that the police service first noticed the attack on Wednesday and immediately notified IT professionals.

He added that the police service will not be commenting on the Islamic State messaging, saying they don’t want to give added publicity to the group.

“We’re not even going to refer to them,” he said. “They are seeking attention.”

The apparent hacking group, Team System Dz, has claimed responsibility for several similar attacks, including a hack of U.S. government websites and the website of former U.S. presidential candidate John Kasich.

Deputy Police Chief Jeff Rowden said the incident serves as a warning about the dangers lurking in cyberspace.

“This incident serves as a reminder to the public that agencies and individuals can be vulnerable and if they receive questionable e-mails or content on their computer or device to contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre or their internet service provider,” Rowden said.