Getting their ducks in a row

Members of the Prince Albert Kinsmen Club pose with ducks that will be usedfor the revival of the duck drop race this June. (Donna Barr/Herald COntributor)

Donna Barr

Herald contributor

On June 16th, 2000 rubber ducks will race down the North Saskatchewan River.

It’s all part of the excitement during the Downtown Street Fair, and will be the Prince Albert Kinsmen Club’s first annual Rubber Duck Drop fundraiser.

While it may be a first for the Kinsmen Club, it’s not the first time the little ducks have graced the river.

“The River Duck Race was a Prince Albert tradition years ago,” explains Abrametz. “The P.A Optimist Club used to run Founder’s Day, which was a huge celebration on our riverbank every summer. The Cosmo Club administered the Duck Drop during Founder’s Day. After many years, Founder’s Day eventually came to an end, and so did the Duck Drop. We’re happy to revive it after all these years. And we’re very grateful to the PA Cosmo Club for helping us get it started again. ”

Raffle ticket holders will be able to cheer on their duck when the shower of numbered ducks is dumped from the Diefenbaker Bridge at 5pm. Kinsmen club members will later collect the rubber ducks downstream.

“We’re awarding more than 45 prizes, including a total of four thousand dollars cash. So we will have some big winners.”

Abrametz says that the funds raised, will benefit the “Community’s Greatest Need,” as per Kin Canada’s motto.

“Some of the projects we’ve supported in the past — and continue to support – include Pineview Terrace, a 60-bed Special Care Home located at the Victoria Hospital site. In 1985 The Kinsmen Club raised $1,048,000.00 to originally build the waterslides at the Kinsmen Pool & Arena complex, and when the slides needed repairs two years ago, our club raised more than $100,000 to get it done. We most recently funded Project Triple Play for the Softball World championships in our city this summer. And of course, as proud members of the Kinsmen family, we fundraise and volunteer at Telemiracle every year. As well, the Kinsmen Club supports the SPCA, having donated more than $10,000 to the PA SPCA over the past few years. And we support the PA Foodbank with the Mini Golf Hole every year, and we donate about $500 to them annually for that fundraiser.”

Tickets are only $10, with more than $4500 dollars in prizes! 1st prize is $2500 cash, 2nd prize: $1000 cash, 3rd prize: $500 cash. There are also $600 in local restaurant gift cards.

Raffle tickets, which include a coupon for Selena’s Donair, are available at Carpet World, Harold’s Family Foods, Ted Matheson’s Menswear, Broker’s Active Care Clinic, and Selena’s Donair.