Garden taking shape

Keri Sapsford pours mulch on the new no-till garden on June 24. (Peter Lozinski/Daily Herald)

Another project in the Oasis Community Garden is underway.

Saturday, members of the Prince Albert Parkland Permaculture Guild built a no-till garden on site, using cardboard boxes, manure, dirt and hay.

The intent is to create a fruitful garden without digging down into the ground.

“Instead of tilling up the dirt and planting right into it, we’re building dirt on top” said guild member Keri Sapsford.

“Right now we’re getting rid of the grass. It’ll rot a little bit and turn into a bit of dirt, and next year we’re hoping to plant perennials in there, so it’s just something that continues to grow.”

That project now joins the hugelcultur display and the traditional garden.

The garden is an initiative of the food bank and SHARE. It has also received support from Co-op

As more people learn about the project, located in a vacant lot next to SHARE, more people become interested, said food bank director Wes Clark.

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