Four more years!

© Herald photo by Arthur White-Crummey Mayor Greg Dionne is seen during election night on Wednesday, Oct. 26, shortly after being re-elected.

Incumbent mayor Greg Dionne was re-elected on Wednesday.

Sitting in his truck outside of City Hall on Wednesday night, Mayor Greg Dionne nerv- ously awaited the results of the day’s election.

“How’s it going?” he asked with a hopeful inflection.

“You’re ahead, by quite a bit.”

Offering an audible sigh, Dionne let a smile out; ready to greet the group of people waiting to congratulate him at City Hall.

A long-time Ward 2 city council candidate prior to a successful run at the mayor’s seat in 2012, this will be Dionne’s second term in the city’s top seat.

“I’m getting a clear mandate from the people that they want to continue the theme of repairing and moving the city forward, so I’m going to continue on that, and I’m very humbled getting back into office,” Dionne said prior to greeting his fans.

Under Dionne leadership, the city’s elected officials launched the annual $4 million annual asphalt paving program, accompanied by record setting underground infrastructure improvements.

Opponent Martin Ring has criticized Dionne’s recent pledge to freeze taxes, which Dionne later clarified to mean frozen at a modest increase of less than two per cent.

Having received “good news” from the direc- tor of finance earlier in the day, Dionne main- tained on Wednesday night that a low tax increase will be feasible.

“It’s something that has to happen, so it may be that we finally decide to lower our service level a little, but we’ll cross that bridge,” Dionne said.

But, Wednesday night wasn’t about policy; it was about celebration, and Dionne proceeded to do just that with supporters at City Hall.

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