Forty puppies looking for a home

One of the puppies soon coming up for adoption. Photo courtesy SPCA.

The SPCA will be getting an onrush of puppies over the coming month.

Operations manager Liana Maloney said the shelter is currently accommodating just over 100 animals. But they have four litters of puppies in foster care that are moving into the shelter.

Two of the litters came from a northern community, she said. They could have frozen to death if it wasn’t for residents who sprang into action.

“The females had the puppies outside in that cold snap,” she said. “They were under a house so the people in the community got a back hoe and dug them out.”

A third litter was found abandoned in a box. Another came from a Chihuahua cross who was sent to the shelter while pregnant.

There are about 40 puppies in total, aged anywhere between four and 12 weeks old, so a lot of them will be coming up for adoption in late February and March. The shelter usually waits until animals have all their vaccines before adopting them out.

Maloney said they’ll be ready to move into a good home. The adoption fee of $287 pays for spaying and neutering, vaccinations, deworming, health exam and microchip identification.