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Forging an identity

Forging an identity

After a successful introduction one year ago, the YWCA Regional Newcomer Centre identification clinics are set to return for another year.

The organization held three such clinics in 2016, serving as many as 150 people on each occasion.

Newcomer Centre settlement councillor Kyle Bender said they always knew there was a need in the community for such clinics, but even they were surprised by the demand.

“We realized that it was a barrier that a lot of people faced, but it was something that you could only speculate about,” Bender said. “Then, when we held the clinics last year, we realized that the demand was definitely there. There are lots of people out there would could definitely use access to a birth certificate, for whatever reason, or access to photo ID.”

Things will be a little bit different this year to help organizers and administrators cope with demand. The first free clinic on April 19 will be capped at 80 people per event, with assistance coming on a first come, first serve basis.

Bender said things were a little chaotic in 2016, but that shouldn’t be the case this year.

“We just couldn’t manage the numbers,” he explained. “What we do is we put a limit on it. We do 80 birth certificates per clinic. That way we keep it manageable.”

For the rest of this story, please see the April 15 online or print edition of the Daily Herald.