For connection and community, choose Xplornet

Xplornet is a leader in keeping rural and remote Canada connected. They understand how fast, reliable internet is essential for rural Canadians.

With speeds of up to 50 Mbps, Xplornet brings rural Canadians the best in Internet technology through its LTE and satellite networks.

“Everyone should have access to the online world, so we’re doing everything in our power to make service available everywhere in Canada,” said Rhonda Adair, Xplornet’s Western Canada District Sales Manager.

As more work, school and even family gatherings move online, a reliable connection has become more important than ever.

“Unlimited data is something that customers are extremely happy about, especially during the pandemic. One of the most important things that have arisen from this is the need to have a very consistent Internet with a high speed for online learning, both for school-aged children as well as for post-secondary. You need Internet that can support that,” Adair said.

“Xplornet offers speeds of up to 50 Mbps with unlimited data to help keep people connected. It’s imperative to have that type of service. I’m super grateful that Xplornet has fast, reliable Internet that can connect us socially to our friends, our family, to people we love that we have been unable to see during this time.”

“Our networks are going to continue to grow,” Adair said. “This is just the beginning. Xplornet is more than just fast internet. It’s also a company with local dealers who give back to their communities. Our dealers are a presence in the community,” Adair said.

Now’s the time to connect to what matters with Xplornet. Until December 31, 2020, get free installation, with no site survey fees or mileage fees.

Whatever your internet needs, Xplornet has a solution for you. Whether you want unlimited data or you just need a basic internet package, give Xplornet a call.

It’s fast. It offers unlimited data. And it’s only just the beginning. Get connected today.

For more information about Xplornet and how it can meet your Internet needs, visit online at or call 1-844-883-3811.