Following her dream, Rebecca Strong receives the Golden Buzzer on Canada’s Got Talent

Rebecca Strong, a Prince Albert singer/musician, originally from Stony Rapids, is rewarded with a Golden Buzzer, for her performance in her first round of competition at the Canada’s Got Talent in Niagara Falls. Photos courtesy of Canada’s Got Talent.

Rebecca Strong, 20, a proud Denesuline woman, originally from Stony Rapids, northern Saskatchewan, received the Golden Buzzer for her performance at a Canada’s Got Talent competition March 28 in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

When asked if she was nervous at the beginning of her performance by one of the panelists, Strong said, “I’m nervous. There was a saying, if you’re not nervous then you’re not passionate about it.”

And. Passionate she is!

“It’s always been my dream to be a performer and I knew that this would kick-start it if it went well,” Strong said in an interview with the Northern Advocate. “I’m at an age where I’m young, I’m figuring things out, and, yah, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

At the end of her performance, Strong said, “I’m just very happy that I could touch so many hearts tonight. This stage has brought me a lot of confidence.”

Strong’s performance brought plenty of praise from the judges.

“You know what. You have such a beauty, you really do, and a sweetness, and I think you’re not only making Canada proud. You make your Indigenous culture very proud. That was an amazing moment, young lady,” Howie Mandel, one of the judges and a Canadian comedian, actor and producer, said to Strong at the end of her performance.

In response to Lilly Singh, one of the judges on the program, question about money and whether it would change her life, Strong said, although money “does not bring happiness, of course, it would change our lives,” adding, she would like to see her father be able to retire.

“I believe every person on this planet has a purpose. You’re here on this stage proving to yourself you’re a singer, showing exactly who you are. Right now, this moment. This is your purpose. And you know what my purpose is? My purpose is to help people like you,” Singh said, raising to her feet, pausing briefly, before pushing the Buzzer, sending golden sparkles down on Rebecca Strong as the crowd roared and stood to their feet for an ovation.

Her parents rushed to the stage. “I’m so proud of her. She’s worked so hard,” Glen Strong said of his daughter.

Strong will go on to the next round of competition, while winning $25,000 for this Golden Buzzer performance.

When she saw competitions were open for Canada’s Got Talent, Strong decided to audition.

“I thought it’s an opportunity to send in an application of myself and, yah, I got chosen!”

When asked how she’s feeling after the performance, Strong’s said, “Honestly, it’s insane,” noting that being recognized publicly gave her a “different feeling.”

“I love it! It’s very awesome that I actually connected so many people,” she said.

She received an enthusiastic standing ovation for her performance.

Strong has moved on to the next round of competition, but doesn’t know when that will be yet.

She chose a song that is close to her heart, Demi Lovato’s, Stone Cold, for her performance.

“I’ve been singing that song for quite a while and I just wanted something that could shock the judges, maybe … I’ve developed an emotional connection to the song, so I can really put my emotions into it.”

Strong began singing with her father, Glen Strong and sisters, Amanda and Allison at five-year-old, and has never stopped. For several years, the three Strong Sisters continued performing, and later Rebecca started singing on her own.

While she does write some of her own songs and music, she’s still working on perfecting her talent before recording any of her songs, Strong said.

“I’ve written some stuff, but nothing recorded yet,” she said.

Every now and then, she’s gets and idea and “I quickly write something and if I have a melody I record it.”

Strong’s parents, Glen and Joan Strong, were in the audience for her performance.

“They were so excited,” she said.

Her parents rushed to the stage when Singh pushed the Golden Buzzer. 

The 2024 Canada’s Got Talent “Million Dollar Season” began Tuesday, March 19 with a two-hour episode. The series will feature 116 acts from across the country with the ‘Finale’ for the season slated for May 14 in Niagara Falls.

Judges for Canada’s Got Talent are: Howie Mandel, Lilly Singh, Trish Stratus and Kardinal Offshall.

Funders for the One Million Dollar season for Canada’s Got Talent are Rogers, CIBC and Tim Horton’s, according to a Canada’s Got Talent news release.

The season winner will take home $1 million ‘thanks to Rogers” and financial advice from CIBC, according to the news release.