Follow-up feast

Submitted photo.

With the success and overwhelming popularity of last month’s medieval feast. The Boreal Bistro and Off the Cuff Improv are teaming up to put the event on again.

Prince Albert’s second medieval feast in as many months is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 22.

“After we did the first one, (Chef Kevin Tetz) got a bunch of phone calls,” said Adreana Boucher of Off the Cuff Improv.

“It’s all local actors, and they’re really excited to be able to do this again. I think it’s refreshing to have two small local businesses teaming up to bring something like this to P.A.”

Tetz is also excited to be able to offer customers a second immersive feast.

“Everybody was happy (last time),” he said.

“They had so much fun. There was lots of laughing. It’s good to see.”

Both the characters and the food will return from the first iteration of the feast, with a handful of tweaks.

“I’m doing the same thing again, because this is like an encore,” Tetz said, “But I’m adding a couple of different things to the menu to bump it up.”

Returning from the last feast will be the whiskey barbecue Cornish game hen.

This feast will also include a pork tenderloin kebab, Tex-Mex corn kabobs and chocolate bacon.

“It’s not really medieval, but it’s fun food. I like to take high-end stuff and turn it into finger food.”

Boucher is appreciative of Tetz’s culinary approach.

“I really like how Kevin doesn’t just do what everyone else does at medieval feasts for food,” she said.

“he puts his own unique spin on it and makes it a high-end meal. You don’t always get that in Prince Albert, so it’s nice to have something unique.”

Like Tetz, the actors will be reusing some of what worked last time.

“We put together a new story, but with the same characters as the last feast,” Boucher said.

“You’ll be meeting up with them a year later, and we’ll do a little recap for people who weren’t at the first one. People who come to both will appreciate the story arch we have in place.”

So far, the reception has been positive. Tickets are selling and Tetz is having to open more sections of the Boreal Bistro to the prospective guests. He’s hoping to continue to offer themed nights such as the medieval feast.

“Everybody has bands and music and comedy, so why not do this kind of thing and go another route? It’s working,” he said.

Murder mystery and masquerade nights could be coming in the future, and Tetz also hopes to hold a bigger medieval feast in the Quality Inn’s ballroom, instead of in the Bistro.

The shows are beneficial for Tetz and for the improv troupe. As more people hear about the dinners, more locations in more cities are calling to inquire about holding their own version of the event.

“It’s going well,” Tetz said.

Tickets for Wednesday’s feast are $55 plus tax and must be purchased or reserved by Nov. 21. Tickets can be purchased during the Bistro’s regular hours or by calling 306-764-1200.

People are encouraged to come in costume. If you would like to rent a costume, contact Adreanna Boucher at Boucher Entertainment, 306-922-2505.