Dealing with the heat

The Big Chief (standing) takes out his frustrations on Canadian Wrestling’s Elite (CWE) tag team champion Jacob Creed during a match at the Midtown Hall in Prince Albert. CWE returns to the Midtown Hall on May 17. -- Jason Kerr/Daily Herald

In the wrestling business, no wrestler, no matter how well trained, is immune to injury.
Like countless others who’ve come before him, Danny Warren, aka Hotshot Danny Dugan, a three time Canadian Wrestling’s Elite (CWE) champion, is on the shelf.
It’s Dec. 30, and much of the CWE roster is in action at Prince Albert’s Midtown Hall. Duggan, however, is walking around the venue in street clothes after tearing a bicep during a previous show. Like most wrestlers, he’d rather be in the ring, but when a wrestling legend like Jake “the Snake” Roberts tells you to get some rest and go in for surgery, there’s really no other option.
“He was like, ‘go get that surgery taken care of,’” Warren remembered. “He’s had many injuries that he put off (rehabbing) when he should have gotten it taken care of early and a lot of circumstances that could have been avoided if he’d taken care of it quickly. He was very adamant … even though it’s my nature to jump back into the ring.”

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