Daxa declared best tracker in Canada, winning top prize in canine trials

Daxa with her award from the 2017 National Championship Canine Trials. Photo courtesy Prince Albert Police Service

Police Service Dog Daxa is the best tracker in the country, according to the judges at the 2017 National Championship Canine Trials this weekend.

Daxa, one of Prince Albert’s two police dogs, took home first place in the event’s tracking category. Her handler, Constable Bighetty, said he’s proud of his canine companion.

“We owe it to dedication, teamwork and the bond we have,” he said.

Bighetty and Daxa had previously placed well in past events. Three years ago, they came in fourth. Last year, they were second. This year, they beat out every other team in Canada.

The pair participated in all of the weekend’s events, including tracking, searching buildings and compounds, detecting drugs and obedience, criminal takedowns and displays of obedience.

The championships were held in Edmonton this year, with 42 canine teams from 14 agencies competing. According to Bighetty, the tracking event is one of the most prestigious.

“Daxa and I work as a team,” Bighetty said. “It shows she’s an awesome tracking dog and it just shows she’s one of the best and she’s proven it.”