David’s Story

David, wish granted in 2019

I wish to have a gaming room

David, wish granted in 2019
respiratory disorder

At birth, David was diagnosed with Idiopathic Vocal Cord Paralysis along with Brachial and Laryngomalacia. At just six weeks of age, David received a tracheostomy that would essentially render him unable to eat solid food, or talk, until he was 3. Despite these circumstances, David hasn’t let anything hold him back.

“Even though it made us nervous at times, we let him swim, play hockey, soccer, and do whatever his peers did. Eventually his speech blossomed with the help of a speaking valve and now David does not stop talking!” says his mom Jessica.

David has always been an inquisitive child. He loves all things electronics, especially computers and video games. When David grows up, he hopes to be a video game designer.

For his one most heartfelt wish, David asked for a gaming room! He recently received a new TV, iPad, laptop and all the accessories. He was so excited to get his new technology unwrapped and set up! This wish will be something that he, along with his family, can enjoy for years to come!