Cooperation and communication is key in school COVID-19 cases

Lorel Trumier /Herald File Photo

Since schools returned on September 8, the Prince Albert Catholic School Division had three cases of COVID-19 reported in their division. These three cases have been in École St. Anne, St. Francis School and École St. Mary High School since Thanksgiving.

At the board of education’s regular meeting on Monday, they received an update on these cases.

 “I think in all three, what is common there is that public health was able to discern the origination of the students catching the virus. I think that is very positive,” director of education Lorel Trumier said.

The St. Anne case was reported late in the evening on Oct. 10, the St. Francis case was reported on Oct. 20 and the St. Mary case was reported on Monday. Trumier gave credit to the public health officials on their reaction to the cases.

“It tells you that our public health people in this health region are working extremely hard, they are being very diligent and they are really trying to find out what the sources are and try to stop those sources,” she said.

“I am getting calls on Sunday night,” Trumier added.
The case at St. Anne has been traced back to the Full Gospel outbreak in Prince Albert, according to Trumier’s report to the board on Monday. The St. Francis case took one day to get contained according to her report.

“We look at the case at St. Mary. First of all, public health works overtime and they are doing just a fantastic job trying to keep things as tight as possible so that we can react as quickly as possible because that’s where we know we get the most positive impact,” Trumier said.

Things move quickly in the division when a case is reported, Trumier said.

“We get the call on Sunday night and within 15 minutes I had the principal and two vice principals and a superintendent, the administration went to the school and started to collect the information very quickly. My superintendent and I came to central office and we were on it with public health,” she explained.

According to Trumier, everyone is working together when cases arise.

“We need to applaud the people who are following the rules.” “This is the time to be diligent. There is a lot of people trying to support our community and we need to make sure that we are there to help ourselves and take care of ourselves and take care of others in the process,” she said