City seeks feedback on youth health

The City of Prince Albert wants feedback on youth accessibility and affordability of programs and fitness facilities like the Alfred Jenkins Field House. -- Jason Kerr/Daily Herald

The City of Prince Albert is looking at ways to increase the health and fitness of local youth, and the Alfred Jenkins Field House is going to be a big part of that strategy.

The city plans to examine just how affordable and accessible the facility is for youth as part of its Community Services Master Plan.

Derek Blais, recreation manager for the City of Prince Albert, said they’re trying to increase the quality of life in the community, and research shows that keeping youth active is a big part of that.

“We are well aware of the long term cost benefits in health, education and justice, but there are also many short term benefits that can have an immediate impact on the quality of life in our city.”

Blais added that they’ve received numerous requests from local residents about developing a youth strategy that focuses on health and wellness. Early feedback from recent Community Service Master Plan consultations has also confirmed that there is a concern in the community.

“It’s something that’s come through our master plan process, with some of the feedback we’ve received, but also just some general feedback we’ve received over the last couple of years,” Blais explained. “It’s just something that the community has approached us about and something that we want to look further into.”

A big part of the process is making youth activities at the Alfred Jenkins Field House more accessible and affordable.

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