City prepares to repair Little Red

Jason Kerr/Daily Herald City administrators are preparing to make some repairs to Little Red River, after the riverbanks were damaged during the 2016 water shortage.

City administrators are putting the finishing touches on a plan to repair damage to the riverbanks in Prince Albert’s Little Red River Park.

The damaged occurred last year after the city was forced to dam the river during the summer water shortage brought on by the Husky oil spill.

Consultants have identified roughly 450 metres of riverbank in need of repair. The process is expected to take four to six weeks.

“It’s just going to be a process of trying to stabilize the Riverbank within the park, to make sure that the erosion that is visible there doesn’t continue,” said Jeff Da Silva, the city’s Engineering and Service Manager.

Work on the project will begin in mid-July, at the earliest. Parts of the park will be off-limits to guests during the summer as the repairs progress, but Da Silva doesn’t expect a complete shutdown.

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