City launching updated Anti-Graffiti Program

Daily Herald File Photo The City of Prince Albert is launching an updated Ant-Graffiti Program on April 2.

On April 2 the City of Prince Albert will launch an updated version of the Anti-Graffiti Program.

According to the City this program provides property owners with options that better suit their needs while improving the City’s ability to track graffiti occurrences in the community accurately.

This program encourages residents to help reduce graffiti vandalism by reporting it, recording it and/or removing it.

The city said that homeowners, business owners and privately owned facilities can apply to the City of Prince Albert under the Anti-Graffiti Program for assistance with graffiti removal on the exterior surfaces of their private property.

They also note that any painting and/or graffiti removal under the program can only be undertaken on your own personal property.

“Residents are not permitted to remove graffiti on a neighbouring property, public bench, community facility, utility company amenity, or any other area or property not owned by the applicant,” the release said.

The city also reminded all renters of property that the owner of the property must be the one to apply for the program, and all applicants may be required to provide proof of property ownership, like a tax receipt.

The Program is available for as long as weather permits. Applications received when temperatures are consistently less than 0 degrees Celsius will not be considered.

“It has been proven that the most effective way to prevent graffiti is to remove it promptly. With this program in place, the City would like to assist residents interested in removing graffiti from their property in a timely manner.”

The Anti-Graffiti Program does not cover costs that have not been pre-approved by the application process.

Any costs above and beyond the services offered on the application will be the responsibility of the applicant. The Anti-Graffiti Program is not retroactive.