City considering new list of future street names

Thomas Settee, Ed Laird, Don Cody among figures to have streets named after them

Ward 4 Coun. Don Cody speaks during a Prince Albert City Council Meeting. -- Herald file photo.

The city could soon have a new list of future street names.

A motion coming before the city’s executive committee at Monday’s meeting proposes 14 priority names for future streets in Prince Albert. The proposed policy would suspend the current naming policy and name list and adopt the ner4, interim street name list.

The list includes several veterans alongside politicians who have served the city on a provincial level.

The highest priority name is Thomas Settee.

Settee was a veteran who fought in the second world war. He returned to Prince Albert after the war and became a barber. He also established a boxing club.

Other names on the list include veterans Ed Laird, Lloyd Smith, Albert Gosselin, John Hall, Nelson (representing eight individual veterans) George Sutherland, Amy Meadows and Glenn Martin.

Politicians included on the list include former MLAs Myron Kowalsky and Eldon Lautermilch and local politicians Don Cody, Lee Atkinson and Greg Dionne.

The proposed new list of future street names comes out of a council resolution from last year where councillors asked to reduce the number of possible names on the street name list and adding criteria to name streets and parks. That work continued throughout the year at the city’s management committee.

“Administration was directed to identify ten names to be made a priority for street naming, which would be used while the street naming policy and street name list are revisited and revised,” city administration wrote in a report.

Administration picked out three names from the mayors and councillors list representing those who had served the longest. That was Cody, Atkinson and Dionne.

Kowalsky and Lautermilch were selected “based on their contributions to the City of Prince Albert” while six of the veterans named were provided by the Army Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada (ANAVETS) and the Royal Canadian Legion.

Both the Legion and the ANAVETS supported the inclusion of Ed Laird on the list of people who should have a street named after them.

Two other veterans were recommended through other sources, while Thomas Setee was identified fro priority use and included as the first name to use by a previous council resolution, passed in 2015.

Should executive committee pass the motion Monday, the door would be open for a review of the street naming policy. That above list of veterans and politicians would come into effect.

The current, full list of names under consideration includes dozens of people who have contributed in some way to the city and its history.

Other examples of streets named after people include: Feschuk Place, named after former MLA Mike Feschuk, Coo, be Drive, named after veteran Roy Coombe, Thompson Bay, named after former councillor Rodney Thompson and Pereverzoff place, named after former Mayor Mekefor A. (Mac) Pereverzoff