‘Chance of a lifetime:’ Local father-son duo opening for Burton Cummings

Wade and Chord Fehr are opening for Burton Cummings at the E.A. Rawlinson Centre on Sunday. This is the second time Wade has opened for Cummings in the past few years. -- Wade Fehr Music/Facebook

A Prince Albert music duo is preparing to open for rock legend Burton Cummings – and for one of them, it’s not the first time.

Wade Fehr and his son, Chord Fehr, were recently asked to open for Cummings after the artist touring with him was unable to attend the show in Prince Albert.

Wade also opened for Cummings when he performed in the city in 2019.

“It was amazing, first just being able to play to a sold out crowd at the E.A. Rawlinson Centre for the first time. It had been something that I had always dreamed of doing,” he said.

“Knowing that Burton was coming on next, it definitely made me a little nervous.”

Wade and Chord started playing together during the pandemic. While stuck at home, they decided to pick up their instruments and experiment with different sounds and styles.

Ever since, they’ve performed as a pair.

Wade sings and plays guitar, harmonica and kick drum, while Chord plays the bass clarinet. Chord also plays the bass clarinet in his school band, but is able to play a more wide range of music with his dad.

Their style is a mix of multiple genres, such as blues, roots, country and funk, making it unique to the duo.

Chord, who’s 15 years old, said performing with his dad helps him improve his skills.

“He is a very talented musician that I learn from all the time, and it gives us that bonding that not many people can say they have,” he said.

Although Cummings isn’t one of his main inspirations, Chord said he still “strives to reach his greatness.”

Wade said this time is that much more special, being able to share the experience with his son.

“I’ll get to watch Chord do this for the first time and watch him take it in and have this chance of a lifetime.”

Cummings and his band are performing at the E.A. Rawlinson Centre on Sunday starting at 7:30. The show is already sold out, according to the Rawlinson’s website.

Cummings is also set to perform in Saskatoon and Regina later this summer.