Catholic school board reviews SSBA AGM

Herald file photo.

The Saskatchewan School Boards Association (SSBA) held their Annual General Meeting and Fall Assembly virtually earlier in November and the Prince Albert Catholic School Division board of education reviewed it during their regular meeting on Monday.

Trustees Pat Hordyski and Maurice Chalifour attended the Saskatchewan School Boards Association (SSBA) AGM from Nov. 14 to 16. as representatives of the Prince Albert Catholic School Division board of education.

Trumier highlighted the presentation from Dr. Debbie Pushor on Parent Engagement as one of the keys to come out of the meeting.

“We have always valued the importance of parent engagement and this was just an opportunity to look at different ways to share ideas, consider new strategies and so that’s always valuable,” Trumier said.

She added that the SSBA meetings help with collaboration among school boards, and makes it easier for all schools ot find support

“The AGM provides that opportunity for the collaboration to occur for some direction setting and some advocacy pieces as well as business elements that need to get sorted as well,” she explained.

During the AGM, there were also bylaw amendments and resolutions including a two per cent budget increase for the 2022 SSBA budget, which was approved with a two thirds majority. Refinement of the budget and deliberations were also part of the process.

The SSBA also dedicated itself to further activity in regards to Truth and Reconciliation at the meeting.

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The board also received an update on the Provincial Education Plan for 2020-2030. After the board chairs council met on Nov.16 and reviewed outcomes for four pillars they set out for planning the future. The SSBA requested feedback and comments prior to Wednesday, Dec. 1.

“Our School Boards Association is trying to establish the pillars in which the plan will rest upon and they were looking for feedback from our trustees,” Trumier said. “There was a request for that information and the board will consider that request and provide some feedback.”

The four pillars are the Skills and Knowledge Pillar, Mental Health and Well-being Pillar, Connections and Relationships Pillar and Inclusive, Safe and Welcoming Pillar,

“Now that we have had COVID occur we have put a different emphasis on different elements,” Trumier explained. “I think it’s wise to take stock of where we were, what we have gone through and also establish with a new set of priorities perhaps or be able to reassess the priorities based on what has happened.”

During the meeting, newly elected trustee Darryl Sande questioned why they are being asked to provide feedback in a short turnaround. He wondered why it hasn’t been discussed by the board as a whole instead of a survey independently and have results compiled by Trumier.

Trumier explained that the consultation had been completed earlier.

Sande also expressed concern with the process. Board chair Suzanne Stubbs said that she would bring his concerns to the next board chairs meeting.

Shop with a cop

The board also received an update on the Shop with a Cop program. The program is done annually with the cooperation of the Prince Albert Police Service (PAPS) and Canadian Tire. This year five students from St. Michael Community School have been invited to “Shop with a Cop.”

The program was recognized by all trustees for its importance, including Stubbs, who has been involved for many years.

“There is a collaboration that occurs with the city police and the Shop with a Cop project and there are five students from St. Michael School that will get that opportunity,” Trumier said.

The program will occur virtually through the Canadian Tire website. Each student will be awarded $100 for gifts for their family and loved ones.

“It will be virtual so we are just working out the details of what that will look like, yeah it’s exciting,” Trumier said.

Once the students have chosen their gifts a police officer will deliver the items to the school. As well, each participating student will receive a gift themselves.