Carlton pair earns win at annual Model UN Assembly

(L-R) Sanjana Bijlall and Jarica Gooding were the winners at the annual Model UN Assembly at St. Mary High School on Wednesday, March 11.

Students from Prince Albert and Shellbrook were on hand for the annual Model UN Assembly at St. Mary’s High School on Wednesday, March 11. The event, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Prince Albert, saw Carlton Comprehensive Collegiate students Sanjana Brijlall and Jarica Gooding who represented France come away as the winners.

The event organized by staff at St. Mary’s invited Shellbrook and Carlton to attend. The subjects of the Model UN assembly was veto powers and their possible removal to make decision making more consensus based. The second topic of the Assembly was food security. After presenting amendments and caucusing among countries the winning duo also addressed a topic that is top of mind at this time.

“We presented a emergency resolution at the end which was prevent. At the end we presented an emergency resolution on misleading information and misinformation,” Brijall, who is a Grade 10 student, said.

They used it because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We thought it was important we have people know what is true and what is not. Especially with this virus it is really important that people aren’t getting misinformation,” she added.

“That one is just addressing things that are going on in real life in real time and ours was about preventing the spread of misinformation and propaganda,” Gooding, who is in Grade 12, said.

Gooding explained that the duo is also involved in debate club.

“You still have to debate an issue but there is a different layer (with model UN) of being a country as well so that is just really intriguing for me personally and for Sanjana as well. Because it is just a really interesting experience debating things from not only just one side of the issue but somebodies perspective on the issue,” she explained.

Both students want to see more Carlton students become involved in the Model United Nations Club.

“I think it’s great. I hope that encourages more people in Carlton to join the Model UN,” Bijlall said.

“It’s a great opportunity for other students to get involved with because it helps with your speaking skills, your listening skills and then your community involvement,” Gooding added.

Gooding thanked the Rotary Club and all of the volunteers and teachers who organized the event.

“It was absolutely great,” she said.