‘If you can think it, you can make it’

Students perform a lion taming act during last summer’s “Three Ring Circus” camp at the Mann Art Gallery. This year’s camps begin on July 10 and run until Aug. 18. (File photo)

Mann Art Gallery summer art camps return

Lana Wilson says there’s more to art lessons than the colour wheel and rule of thirds.

“I will say this again and again: art skills are life skills,” the Mann Art Gallery (MAG) educator said.

“Learning how to sew, learning how to design a template or make a preliminary sketch, do a plan, think outside the box … all of the things you do in art are absolutely applicable to everyday life and I really feel that more students can learn and benefit from things like threading a needle and sewing and cutting fabric.”

This summer Wilson hopes to introduce more young people to the values of arts education. From July 10 to Aug. 18 the MAG is offering six weeks of art camps form children ages seven to 12. Each week has a different theme, like “All About Painting,” “Eco-friendly Art” and “Superhero Adventures.”

“We do our best to not repeat an identical activity. Some students will actually sign up for all six weeks of camps and they are able to do that because we do different activities and have a slightly different focus in each of the camps,” Wilson said.

“We like to convey the idea that if you can think it, you can make it. You just need to know how to use the tools and what steps to take. I feel that’s really empowering for students.”

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