Can the October 2024 Provincial Election Return our Thinking Faculties Back to “Normal”?

For the past six weeks I have been doing nothing except tearing my hair out over what I saw happening in Lumsden – Morse during the August 10th byelection. What insane “Master of the Universe” decided that we should be fighting with our kids over their emotional concerns that for the most part the overwhelming majority of parents have absolutely no idea about what their kids are talking about in the first place. And, more to the point, didn’t any of them learn from their own upbringing that Nancy Reagan’s “Just say ‘no’!” idea of counselling just went in one ear and out the other and leaving us not only more confused, but angry as well, because it meant that our parents weren’t listening to us in the first place?

Ever since I can remember there were gay, lesbian or bisexual kids in my classes, and that includes my having gone through Grades 1 to 12 in recognizing the presence of these sexual orientation behaviours. Even now, there is a documentary featuring a youth on trial for having murdered a 6-year-old “effeminate” boy whom he thought “had a crush on him”. The murder of Lawrence “Latisha” Fobes King is another such case, but with the murder committed why Larry was a teen in high school.

Read the last paragraph again – a 6-year old, having gender identification issues? Why don’t parents who are pushing this “parents’ rights” button just shut up and realize that a child undergoing transgender identification issues needs ptofessional help at any age, not the “advice” of some distraught mom or dad who heavily identifies himself with his physique, strength and being regularly “hit on” by good-looking women.

Teachers aren’t trained to provide such counselling services and the overwhelming majority of them know that from the get-go, nor for that matter are parents, so this issue has nothing to do with parental “rights” – it’s an exercise of power over your kids, and nothing else. Still, here we are, with the Western Standard only yesterday running a fairy tale story by Nigel Hannaford with a warning label stating “Parental Advisory: Explicit Content”, titled “It was always about taking control of the kids, wasn’t it?”

Who’s supposed to be “taking control of the kids”? Why, teachers, of course, going out of their way to “round up” kids for experimentation in a life-altering transgender operation…

How stupid has our society become? And the worst thing about this is, the overwhelming majority of people pushing this parental “rights” button haven’t bothered to give their own children, especially females, the “facts of life” speech they all need in order to understand the process of giving life, not for the starting of a “professional” career on the street where they become the prey of people such as John Crawford, Saskatoon’s very own serial rapist or Kenneth David McKay, who killed Crystal Paskemine in December of 2000, and wasn’t even eligible for parole until 2026, but who’s already violated his parole by harassing young women for sexual advantage and “entertainment”.

But Scott Moe and Nadine Wilson will still be on this merry-go-round come October 2024, which is the absolute best reason for not voting for either candidate…

And now, pressing their “advantage” at seeing Pierre Poilievre’s numbers rising in the polls, the Western Standard has introduced us to the next wave of “progressive” thought trends in their arsenal, the “Indigenous problem”, where according to former Anthropology professor Hymie Rubenstein, haven’t earned the right to have loved ones excavated from a Winnipeg landfill site because they “don’t pay taxes”. He in turn is joined by True North darling and former Manitoba judge Brian Giesbrecht, who has the “inside news” as to how Indigenous communities are pulling off this “fleece job” of pretending that they’ve found all of those “child graves”, who were just really buried because they were sick and a “Christian” burial required in order to quell the flames of disinformation coming from an older Indigenous generation “pretending” to be “victims of sexual abuse and violence”.

Scott Moe knows these two wouldn’t even get elected in Alberta, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nadine Wilson’s SUP put forth someone bending this bilge where “crime is rising at an astronomical rate”. Fortunately, they won’t get elected there, either, because their voters can smell the whiff of Canadian style “Jim Crow” politics emanating from this manure pile as quickly as the rest of us.

Even so, the Sask Party is still going to peddle its “soft on crime” message to those allergic to the colour “brown”…and that message will, unfortunately, still “sell” in some parts of this province.

But wait; the “right” still has their message centres at the Western Standard (not to mention Rebel News, Ezra “The Rant” Levant’s available source of the latest disinformation on political content) working on their “expose” of a tribe of fire-worshipping arsonists whom True North’s Harrison Faulkner seems to believe live near lightning plagued regions of Alberta where after a particularly strong storm centre passes through are able to go out and do their evil deeds (with the true story being covered up by CBC, of course) and create the wildfire havoc that “mainstream media” wants to blame on “climate change”.

Both the Sask Party and SUP will ignore the “climate change” issue, of course, even though there are now some rumblings within the Sask Party that perhaps they should be changing their tune on the issue by referring to it as a potentially “long-term damaging tendency” and should be given some air time by the party, instead of their trying to peddle the “carbon tax” cost that farmers are going to recover IF they remember to fill out newly introduced Form T2043 when doing their taxes.

Of course, the “right” will still peddle this myth of the tax adding an extreme burden to the agricultural community when in actuality its rebate is not available to Mr. and Ms. Taxpaying-Public, who for the most part haven’t a clue as to what difficulties farmers encounter in trying to produce their crops – which “sort of” explains why the Sask Party is always pouring gasoline on the fiery “difference” between urban and rural voters.

Should NDP leader Carla Beck get rural voters to start thinking about survival and diversification of crops or changing the manner in which our meat products are brought to market, utilizing the inevitability of increasing insurance premiums and land usage planning this might even be an item from which the NDP actually benefits from continuing to respect knowledge and science.

The NDP has to start treating climate change as “their issue”, because there’s also an effort in the more right-wing media to tell their readers that it is the kids who are worried about climate change and the parents would do well to try to “calm down” their concerns for the future that include the possible destruction of this planet’s diversified ecosystems. Kids thinking of their futures in very serious ways.

What else is there? Asbestos found in northern school’s walls with the potential to affect student health (Pinehouse and Sandy Bay)? Emergency room closures in the premier’s own riding? True stories…

Interestingly enough, the NDP may even end up with a CONTESTED nomination meeting in Rosthern – Shellbrook for a candidate to run against Premier Moe. Fodder for next week’s column…

My predictions for 2024:

SUP – 1 (NOT Nadine Wilson)
Sask Party – 27 to 29
Greens – 1 (maybe)
NDP – anywhere from 26 to 32

Stay tuned…