CAA says speeding a major safety concern in Canada

Speeding is a major concern on Canadian roads, according to a recent poll conducted for the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA).

A recent survey conducted by CAA found that out of 2,503 citizens, 88 percent are deeply worried about speeding in residential areas.  Polling found that 22 percent admit to speeding themselves.

According to federal government data, speeding accounts for a quarter of fatal collisions in 2023.

Ian Jack, VP of public affairs for CAA National, is asking all Canadians to slow down in 2024 to keep everyone safe.

“Speed related collisions are preventable,” Jack said.

On average, increasing your speed by 10 km per hour, helps you arrive 4 minutes early and increases your chance of a collision by 60 percent, according to the Traffic Injury Research Foundation.

“Speed limits are posted for ideal weather, but we know that weather and road conditions can certainly change quickly, especially in winter months,”  Christine Niemczyk, director, corporate communications with CAA said in a press release.

Niemczyk encourages all drivers to be alert and adjust your driving speed, slow down to ensure safety for all.  The survey was completed by the CAA from Oct 20-30, 2023.